Another one bites the dust…

19 12 2009

Yazzah! I have finished the application to my home University and have done the math! My answers to the answers in total are more than 6000 words, oh what a relief that I can forget about those questions. Though I will not submit it until just before the deadline as I continue to read it through and make sure it really is what I want the application processing staff to read (because I love doing this application THAT much!). None the less I will still say; so has ended what only seems to be the introductory chapter to a whole novel about student exchange to Kansai Gaidai. And so now the waiting games begin. Based on the experiences of others I doubt this will be a pleasant 3~month wait for further information regarding the application process, with such uncertainty hovering over my head as to just what the future will hold for me! But yes until I actually get any more news on the topic (which won’t be for 3~months! *look of horror*) this will leave me topic-less for blog posts for quite some time , and I will probably resort to posting some fun findings as I further look into my plans for exchange (I’m obsessed, what else can I say?).

I don’t imagine this next period waiting for a response will be an entirely comfortable one, with such suspense. It seems to have left me in a situation where I’m not sure if I should continue on with my research and enthusiasm into the exchange program to a point where I am certain about almost everything, which would only lead to greater disappointment if I do get rejected. Or my alternative, which on second thought is probably the preferred option, I get back into studying Japanese rather than just Japan and exchange there because I imagine if I do get there, at the end of the day having a greater knowledge of the language will always help me more than knowing where to buy a surge protector for my laptop when I get to Japan (though I still need to know this, I’m not going to destroy another $1500 laptop just because I didn’t have the correct electrical adaptors to safely use it…).

A slight dramatization of what might happen…

Thinking of just how much I will probably rely on having a laptop in Japan (if I go, ergh so many “ifs” and “buts” at this point in time…), it’s got me thinking, what would be the 10 most important things that would be required in Japan on exchange, not necessarily tangible things either for example: a mind ready to absorb new culture and language is definetly on my list to make the experience worthwhile..So I leave you with this question, what would YOUR 10 most important items be to take on exchange (not necessarily to Japan either), and they can be both tangible or in-tangible.





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