Bring on the New Year…

31 12 2010

And so it is New Years Eve! I have survived my experience up til now, or maybe its better to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it up til now, within the limits of knowing I still have a very long way to go. As cliche as it may seem, I can not believe how quick this thing has gone! Honestly I feel like it will end leaving me unsatisfied with what I’ve achieved, though actually I don’t think I would be satisfied no matter how much I achieve actually. But either way the end of this year will come no matter what I say so lets all look forward to, embrace and give our all in the new year of 2011 with all the wondrous opportunities and new experiences it brings to everyone.


As for a quick blog post, lately what have I been up to? Well school finished on the 14th or so, then from there I was in Osaka until the 22nd of December. All the exams went okay, though honestly speaking I didn’t study quite the way I should have for the Japanese exams, but all is well as I still got some good grades and will go on to study more next semester. In terms of what happened after exams up until I left for Tokyo on the night of the 22nd, most of my days were spent at school and trying to meet everyone at least once more before I left. I honestly wanted to take more photos and stuff but I was rather shy bout pulling out my camera so I didn’t really get much of my last week there, mostly figuring I’d be back there next semester. Anyway, a lot of the exchange students were going home so there were a lot of the Japanese people around to see people for the last time, and everyone seemed to be getting all caught up in the sad goodbyes.


All this led up to my final day with my first host family ever, and without a tear we went together to the bus stop, hugged, said our farewells and my host mother passed me an envelope and I got on that bus to Tokyo. And as you do when you’re passed something like that you open it right? And thus I did sitting next to a salary man on a night bus, I sat there and looked inside to find a letter and a bunch of photos they had printed off for me. First I looked through the photos, smiled and remembered some good times before moving onto the letter. Though knowing I would meet them again, just reading those words (or characters if you want to call them that) “we think of you as family” along with the rest of the letter in the end made me cry just a bit, and certainly woke me up, if I wasn’t already aware of it, that I was extremely lucky to be able to stay with that family.


Anyway hoefully I’ll post again, with a new video of New Years Eve on youtube up sometime soon if I take enough footage tonight!
(check out my channel (link on the side bar of this blog –>)

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone enjoys all the celebrations no matter where you are in the world. Until next time..






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