I’m booked, but not sorted…

28 06 2010

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve had anything to blog about on this growingly dull blog of mine. First there was exams, and then there was the period after exams in which I do a whole lot of nothing but…well ye nothing. And now I’ve actually started making a move on things once more as the 2 month mark (until I leave) has just come past. So originally I had been looking into flights to leave on the 27th of August, but it seems I was stupid enough NOT to book and so the tickets soon became sold out. Instead now I’m leaving on the 26th of August, and heading in there with still no plan as of yet. Let me explain my current situation to you in the following paragraph with plain and boring facts, whether or not you choose to read thats up to you!

To begin with, I am allowed to stay in the dorms for Kansai Gaidai from the 28th of August (Saturday), and must at least book in by the 31st of August (Tuesday) and in between that is the Sunday in which we are not allowed to enter the dorms (I believe). Ok, so I arrive on the 27th which makes me a day early, and so now I have to find a place to stay before hand, and then find my own way to the dorms or go to Kyoto station to get the bus to the dorms from there (which only leaves at 3pm on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday). I am leaning in the direction of not going to the dorms until Monday, or Tuesday although I could go Saturday. I figure if I do go stay elsewhere I will contact friends in the area, or even stay with one and spend my first few days like that rather than trying to get to the dorms and surround myself with English speaking people as soon as possible. So I have to make a decision before the 10th of July for all this. But, none the less, the fact is I am booked and I will be going it seems! Although I’m still waiting on that seemingly illusive CoE (Certificate of Eligibility) for my visa.

And of course beyond that, there is the mental preparation that needs to be done for myself, because as much as I love spontaneous things, I prefer it be in a situation where all my plans have turned sour and then I can just wing it from there. If I can not make some half-solid plans to get me settled before I go I don’t imagine myself turning up in a very calm fashion.  Though other than that I can only start blabbing on about how I really should start immersing myself in Japanese again, with reading (websites, manga etc), listening (movies, music etc) and writing practice (can I get a ‘hooray’ for kanji?). So ye, lets end this post before it gets any worse.




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