Can almost count the days on my hands…

13 08 2010

Ok, so this whole blog thing apparently got old very quick. I will keep my best to keep it alive, though being busy here in Perth to the point where I haven’t had the time to think about this leads me to believe it maybe even harder in Japan. Since last time I posted much has happened, much has been organised, there have been new friends made, new connections made, and seperations from people I won’t be able to see anytime soon. And of course on top of this there is the more official things like, dates sorted, visa received and the starting of what seems like it maybe a long fight with the issue of money, where it will need to be spent and how I can budget myself to both enjoy it to my best, as well as save money so I can stay on the desired extra month after I graduate from the Japanese University. And as always with me, my constant focus on the Japanese language is continuing on, and I’m loving the fact that I have been lucky enough to attend random Japanese classes at University and study Japanese at leisure rather than purely for the purpose of being tested. And while I’ve read people saying it’s bad to study a lot just before you go, I figure the study needs to be done sooner or later, and if it causes me to get into a higher level over there…then so be it, I’ll study my arse off to fill the gap and end up being better off for it.

Anyway, because this post is short I may as well talk about my last 2 weeks, which was the first 2 weeks of University (not that I had any classes to attend anyway, though I attended some Japanese ones for fun), we had 11 students come over from Shizuoka Gakuen. I had one stay with me, who was the equivelant of a year 10 student in Perth (i.e. turning 16 this year). It really was kind of a warm-up to my Japan experience I think, because it gave me a chance to be with Japanese people constantly, and whilst it was hard at times, it gave me confidence both in seeing the Japanese students have faith in my Japanese (to a degree haha), and finding that I could generally communicate pretty much anything that needed to be communicated, though no gaurentees on how direct and to the point the communication was. And despite the language difficulties and frustrations at times, it ended with some new friends, and people I’m still in contact with, and some of whom are going to come visit me in Kansai (as they themselves haven’t been there either), which is definetly something to look forward to.

Anyway, not really sure its necessary for me to post up anymore on here for now. So I’ll end this here, and probably will not write again til I’m in Japan and settled I’m guessing!




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