About Me

Alright, so you decided to spend/waste a little of your time by reading my blog! Welcome.

This is me. My name is Shane, I am a 18yr old student at the University of Western Australia. I study a double degree of Arts (Asian Studies)/Economics majoring in Japanese and International business and Economics. I am a 3rd generation Australian, of European decent. I have lived in Perth my entire life, and love the place, but I also have a great passion for Japan, its language, culture (both traditional and popular/modern) and it’s beautiful landscape. I dream of spending 2 semesters studying in Japan, at Kansai Gaidai University in the city of Hirakata where I hope to experience a lot, and hope to be able to share these experiences through this blog for friends, family, prospective study abroad students and anyone who has an interest for anything I talk about!

Fortunately, I have once already had the opportunity to visit Japan. I fell in love more with the country amidst new and sometimes unusual experiences, in particular in regards to food! But none the less, a worthwhile trip as I stayed with my friends family in Nagoya, visiting Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo for a brief period of time as I was only in Japan for 3 weeks in total, where more than 2 weeks of that was spent in Nagoya. Here is a photo of me none the less, in Kyoto, from the trip:

Kiyomizu temple 清水寺

Please feel free to comment on my blog, ask questions, talk about what I talked about, or even give me some facts I am missing!

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