But I just got here?…

4 12 2010

And thus my first semester here at Kansai Gaidai University is now coming to a close as I now go into my final two weeks and start preparing for final exams and working hard on my final assignments. Okay, well half of that is true…my first semester really is coming to a close. First of all I can’t believe this is only the second time I’ve actually made use of my blog, and secondly my sense of time tells me I only just got here a couple of weeks ago. It’s honestly a horribly harsh system with host families and so forth in terms of timing and so on. I’ve finally found myself extremely comfortable with my lifestyle and so forth, but now it is all about to end and go into the kitchen in the morning to see a piece of paper on the fridge with a calendar being slowly filled up with things to do before I leave this house and go to Tokyo.


So what has been going on lately? Well as was in my last post the  frustrations at times with the whole English thing for the most part, with many interviews and stuff I did on the topic with Japanese people and so on for an assignment in regards to foreigners in Japan, have slowly disappeared as I am becoming more and more comfortable with my situation. Don’t take it the wrong way of course and think for a second I was not happy here for any amount of time, while I admit I’m not a huge fan of Kansai Gaidai as a University, my situation in terms of where I am in the world and the lifestyle I’m leading is certainly something I’m grateful for and very happy with. In fact if anything, I enjoy the opportunity to be able to disprove the image that foreigners don’t understand Japanese, the culture, or its food etc. (though of this is certainly not what all foreigners in Japan are like, but that image has apparently come into existance at some point in time and so I felt I might as well put it out there).


Well anyway I don’t have much time to write this I actually just wanted to put up a link to my videos I’ve been putting up on youtube (spoken Japanese with English subtitles) as an opportunity to see what I do get up to over here (though its mostly things I don’t do everyday I put up there), and to see more than what you would see on this blog because at the moment I have a better posting rate on youtube than I do on this written blog which you would think would be so much easier to do than make a video..and you’d be right, it is easier to write. I don’t even make sense to myself haha.




Peace ~



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