Onto the final lap…

15 04 2010

And so I make the turn into my final lap(-se in time, i.e. my last wait I have to endure before finding out for sure if I get to go to Kansai Gaidai or not). So what you may ask? Yeh, I have to say at this point I agree. I’m not getting cocky as such, but the fact is its so out of my hands now I just have to get on with the job in front of me, that is my studies! And the fact that I know its not even the final wait if I do get accepted is kind of a real ‘buzz-kill’ also, because even once I do get accepted I’ll still be waiting on forms for my visa, and then goes the mad rush getting everything organised in time to leave. I’m really not sure about the timing for this time of year (i.e. starting in the “Fall Semester”), but I know from others that things can end up being left very late, so whether or not that is due to their academic calendar for us international students or if it happens every semester I don’t know. And what I mean by ‘academic calendar for international students’ is exactly that, stupidly enough the Japanese students at the university apparently have a very different academic calendar, one which is more conventional by Japan’s standards. I can’t say that overly thrills me knowing that the place will be ruled by International students for a period of time, because that wouldn’t be much of a ‘cultural experience’. Well mostly it bugs me because if it is true then club activities I’m guessing would not be running as per normal for that first bit we are there, which would seriously kill my best opportunity for getting involved, and not to mention my only way of getting some sport time in. Either way, thinking of all this stuff is getting a little ahead of myself, the fact remains exchange is still no certainty despite how probable some may say it is.


Language issues for the win...

So in other news, language ability, ever feel like its on a day to day basis? Lately I have, it seems  despite how much I study or practice I can quite easily come across a day which is rather crushing to my hopes of achieving highly in my Japanese skills (and I’m not just talking about scores on paper, to me success lies in my ability to communicate with a person in the language and nothing else, after all thats what language is there for, as a medium for communication). It doesn’t take me long find my motivation again considering its all I seem to surround myself in, but still a momentary feeling of being overwhelmed certainly can set you back in the long run. Well I’ll cut this short here, otherwise I’ll end up writing down the thoughts I go through everyday relating to my language struggle haha (not that I haven’t already let some slip…)!


ピース! Peacee.



2 responses

23 04 2010

don’t worry too much about the whole japanese student semester thing- the fall semester for ryuugakusei and nihonjin runs pretty much at the exact same time, so you will be able to meet lots of people. It’s only the spring semester that doesn’t quite match up, I think.

25 04 2010

thanks for letting me know about this, i’ve now spoken to ryoko and it appears the fall semester is out by about 2 or 3 weeks (..3 at most). so thats some good news there, but i’ll still be there for spring semester as it may turn out..oh well. its all still a long way away yet!

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